Atmega 16 Project / Dust sensor [Bascom]
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Atmega 16 Project / Dust sensor [Bascom]

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    Atmega 16 Project / Dust sensor [Bascom]


    Hi all,

    I am doing a school electronics project with one atmega16, Lcd 16x2, 2 actuators and a couple of sensors. I am using Bascom-AVR to programme.

    I would like to ask if anyone has a code for sharp dust sensor GP2Y1010AU.

    Actually I started to work with that sensor last week. I have tested it without micro and now I'm trying to interface it with the mega16. I have done a simple code, just to see the adc changes on lcd, but it doesn't work. Im using Adc(1). See the code please. I think it would be better to use a timmer with 3rd pin( of the sensor) but I don't know how to do that. Anyone can help me please.

    $crystal = 4000000
    $regfile = "m16def.dat"

    Config Lcd = 16 * 2
    Config Lcdpin = Pin , Db4 = Portd.3 , Db5 = Portd.2 , Db6 = Portd.1 , Db7 = Portd.0 , E = Portd.6 , Rs = Portd.7

    Config Adc = Free , Prescaler = Auto

    Dim A As Long
    Dim B As Long
    Dim Total As Long

    'Config Portc.5 = Output
    Config Portc.6 = Output
    Start Adc



    Set Portc.5
    Set Portc.6

    Waitms 0.24

    Reset Portc.5
    Reset Portc.6

    Waitms 0.24

    A = Getadc(1)
    B = Getadc(1)
    Total = A + B
    Total = Total / 2


    Lcd "ADC(1):" ; Total ; " "


    See this please:

    Thanks everyone


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    Re : Atmega 16 Project / Dust sensor [Bascom]

    Hi limus,

    welcome on FSG.

    I put your request here.
    I'm looking for GP2Y1010AU (i don't know it) and i come back for help you as soon as possible.

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