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Bioscience Telephone account manager (England)

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    Bioscience Telephone account manager (England)

    Bonjour a tous,

    Nous recherchons 1 ou 2 personnes Ayant un diplome dans le domaine Bioscientifique souhaitant travailler en Angleterre pour une periode de 9 mois/un an.
    SI vous etes interessés, merci de me contacter par MP ou Anne Howarth, pour qui vous trouverez les coordonnées en bas de cet email.

    Bonne journée.

    [B]Job Description

    Position: Telephone Account Manager, UK, France, Germany

    Purpose of the role
    To manage an account base of some 150 organisations to both maintain and grow the sales of biochemical consumables.

    About Voicentric (VC)
    VC is a contact centre specialist with a number of clients who supply a wide range of instruments and consumables to the scientific research sector, mostly. We are based in the centre of Durham in the North East of England and are a small friendly agency which employs mostly students. We employ anything from 20 to 50 people depending on the amount of client work we have at any moment.

    The Job will involve
     Communicating with customers by telephone, email and white mail.
     Ensuring customer satisfaction with existing products
     Raising awareness and promoting new products
     Growing the number of contacts per account
     Maintaining and adding relevant customer profile data
     Web searching and networking for new contacts
     Following up quotations and proposals

    VC’s Client
    Voicentric’s client is a leading US supplier of instruments and reagents which are used extensively by people doing genetics and protein research using techniques such as PCR, cloning, qPCR, mutagenesis and protein expression. Within this area, our client has hundreds of product variants. This position offers the applicant the possibility of entry into the client organisation as part of a structured career path - either at a sales or applications specialist level

    Qualifications required and training provided
    Applicants will need to have a minimum of a first degree in a biosciences subject, and preferably to have worked in genetics or proteomics. Extensive product training will be provided by our client, and this may require travel to client offices in Amsterdam or Barcelona. Although we do not expect applicants to be fluent in English, you will need to speak English to a reasonable level. This is because the management language of both VC and our client is English.

    The applicant will also require a positive, friendly personality and the skills to communicate effectively with scientists working in Universities, Research Institutes, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies. VC will provide ongoing training and development in this area.

    Payment terms and tenure
     The position will be for a contractual period of 12 months, extendable at the end of the period.
     The position carries a salary of £15,000
     Suitable accommodation will be provided for French and German employees.
     VC will pay for return travel expenses from home to Durham, England 3 times over a 12 month period.
     The position will have 22 days paid holiday.
     There is an initial 3 month probation period during which the applicant will be expected to have made satisfactory progress.

    The position will suit candidate who:
     Has recently graduated.
     Wants to spend a 12 months in England as part of a life experience and to improve his/her English.
     Is interested in making a career within the life science sector

    If you are interested please contact:

    Anne Howarth
    ##### Pas de coordonnées perso.


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