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Problème de traduction en anglais

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    Problème de traduction en anglais


    Désolé de poster ça ici, mais j'ai grand besoin de votre aide. Voilà j'ai fais une traduction, mais je pense qu'il y a beaucoup de fautes! Pouvez vous m'aider à les corriger svp?merci

    After, the war had finished, Norman and Leah continued to see each other secretly. They loved each other enormously. However, after several months, they were fed up with hiding themselves. And they decided to settle together in the Main, in a little cottage. Their few neighbours were white. They were surprised to see this couple. They seemed scorful and threatening.After a while, Norman and Leah received an anonymous letter that contained insults and threats. Leah was afraid, she felt excluded back. As for Norman, he did not take the letter seriously. Little by little, Things went from bad to worse. There were insults written on their front door.And one day, Norman and Leah found their burned house. For this reason, Norman and Leah made the decision to leave.

    They went to the new Hampshire. There low, the majority of their neighbours were black. The neighbours were surprised but tolerant. So, Norman and Leah felt better. Here, people were more tolerant. For a long time, Norman had not seen again his parents. For him, it was important to present his wife to its family. Leah seemed all right to meet them, even if she was afraid of their reaction. . Two days later, they went in the Vermont, to meet Norman's family. When they arrived, the mother of Norman squeezed him in the arms. But she loosened him so early when sheseen Leah. She threw a miserable glance to Norman. She did not understand, then Norman presented him Leah. The enjoyment of his mother fell again, and a bad atmosphere was to feel . Leah wanted to left. Then the father arrived, he had seen the scene through the window. Without any scruple, he asked his son why he had choosen a black girl, without saying hello. Norman defended Leah, who began to cry. His father was intolerant. His mother suggested to go into the house. Nobody dared to look, Norman tried to begin to speak, but his father went away. Norman got angry. He said to his father, if he did not understand that he thinks as all the others. The skin colour does not make of a person a monster. It is a person like the others. His father answered nothing. Leah left by running. Norman caught up her. Leah thought that she did not deserve him and that she destroyed her life. Norman contradicted her, he thought in no way as his parents. For this day, Norman has never seen his parents again.


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    Re : Problème de traduction en anglais

    Hey! ce texte n'a aucun rapport avec la chimie!
    Quand quelqu'un dit: Je me tue à vous le dire! Laissez-le mourir.

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    Re : Problème de traduction en anglais

    à mon avis, tu devrais trouver un forum "anglais"!

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    Re : Problème de traduction en anglais

    Citation Envoyé par igniz Voir le message
    Hey! ce texte n'a aucun rapport avec la chimie!
    Si, j'ai relevé cette phrase :

    "she was afraid of their reaction"

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    Re : Problème de traduction en anglais

    curieuse chimie
    Quand quelqu'un dit: Je me tue à vous le dire! Laissez-le mourir.

  7. A voir en vidéo sur Futura
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    Re : Problème de traduction en anglais

    Salut !

    Effectivement c'est pas des sciences !

    Je ferme donc.

    Pour la modération.

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