bonjour j'essaye d'envoyer un programme que je vien de compiler avec MPLAB et mon ICD2 et il me marque ce message d'erreur :

"Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2
Setting Vdd source to target
ICDWarn0020: Invalid target device id (expected=0x21, read=0x0)
...Reading ICD Product ID
Running ICD Self Test
MPLAB ICD 2 ready for next operation
Programming Target...
ICDWarn0052: MPLAB ICD 2 cannot validate a target device. Please make sure that the target device is connected and properly powered. Select "OK" to continue, or "CANCEL" to abort the operation
ICD0200: Operation Aborted (Warning 52).
ICD0275: Programming failed.
MPLAB ICD 2 ready for next operation
pourriez vous m'aider svp